I want to make a career in the airline industry. How do I join the cabin crew of an airline? What are the qualifications necessary?

Cabin crews, also known as Flight Attendants, are considered public relation specialists for the airline. The impressions they make and the quality of service they render is the best advertisement the airline has. Their duty is to provide excellent customer service to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight.

Flight attendants need to be very customer-focused and professional in their manner. They must be well-organized and alert. Also the abilities to perform under stress in emergency situations, get along with different kinds of people, and remain tactful and pleasant under difficult situations are important.

To become a flight attendant, a candidate should be a graduate (any stream). Some airlines prefer those having a three-year degree/diploma in hotel management and catering. Apart from this, it is not necessary to join any special course. However, some institutes provide training to help develop the basic skills required for the profession. Usually airlines hold a written examination followed by a group discussion/ interview for the selection of flight attendants.

The other eligibility criterion are age (should be below 25 years), height (minimum 157.5 cms for females and 165 cms for males), weight (proportionate to height), unmarried, a pleasing personality, and normal eyesight without glasses. Contact lenses are allowed. The applicant should be physically fit, have a pleasing personality and good communication skills. While proficiency in English and Hindi are essential, familiarity with a foreign language is desirable, especially for some international flights. Knowledge of nursing/first aid and overall general awareness are an asset.


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