What is the origin of Sudoku?

Sipping on a morning up of tea with a pencil in hand trying to solve the latest Sudoku published in the paper has become a routine for many. But do you know who invented this game or how it has evolved over the years?

Dubbed divided into Rubik’s cube of the 21st century, Sudoku consists of a grid of 81 squares, divided into nine blocks of nine squares each. Some of the squares already contain figures. The goal is to fill in the empty squares with numbers one to nine without any repetition.

Sudoku is a contraction of a Japanese phrase for “every number must be single”. However, contrary to popular beliefs, the game did not originate in the land of the rising sun.

How it originated

Experts are divided on the origin of Sudoku. An 18th Century Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler is usually credited with devising a game from which the modern-day Sudoku has evolved. Euler’s game called Latin Squares was made up of a grid in which a number or symbol appears only once in each row or column. However, many believe that the game might have come from China and India All that we know is that early versions of this game began to be published in newspapers in France in 1895. In the 1970s, Howard Games, a freelance puzzle inventor, published it in Dell Pencil Puzzles and Wont Games magazine in New York in the US under the name Number Place. It became a regular feature, but its enthusiasts remained niche.

The Godfather of Sudoku

A few years later, in 1984, the grid-based game became a sensation in Japan thanks to Maki Kaji, the publisher of Nikoli magazine, who reinvented the game and gave it a new name Sudoku quickly caught on in Japan as an alternative to crosswords. The letters of the Japanese alphabet or kanji are not suited for crosswords.

The empty squares caught the attention of Wayne Gould on his visit to Tokyo in 1997. He published the puzzles in The Times of London and they spread like wildfire. Sudoku struck a chord with people around the world as it does not require extensive knowledge of English. Soon, the game began to appear in newspapers and magazines around the world.

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PUBG Mobile teams up with Tesla to bring vehicle skins to game

PUBG Mobile has joined hands with electric car maker Tesla to bring Tesla-specific elements to the game. These will likely include the cars of the company that will be soon available in PUBG Mobile via the game's skins for popular cars like the Model S, the Model X, the Model Y and the Model 3. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indianised version of PUBG Mobile India which was banned in September 2020 due to privacy concerns. Battlegrounds Mobile India players will have to wait longer to get a chance to use these skins as the game is still in beta phase.

Assuming that BGMI is more or less a rebadged version of the PUBG, the developers could introduce Tesla-related in-game elements. This is a pure guess considering both games are fairly similar and are under Krafton’s roof. Krafton is yet to make an official announcement around the introduction of Tesla cars in BGMI at the time of writing this.

In related news, BGMI is available for early access download on the Google Play Store. Players who pre-register can download the game on Android smartphones.

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How is underwater hockey played?

Underwater hockey (UWH) or Octopush is a globally-played, no contact sport in which two teams of six players each, manoeuvre a puck across the bottom of a swimming pool into the opposing team's goal. There are no goalies - each side uses teamwork and formations to defend and score. Players wear a diving mask, snorkel and fins, and carry in one hand a stick or pusher to propel the 1.3 kg lead puck into the goal. A key challenge of the game is that players are not able to use breathing devices such as scuba gear; they must hold their breath. The game was invented in Great Britain in 1954 to help train divers and British commandos. It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is governed by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS).

There are a number of penalties described in the official underwater hockey rules, ranging from the use of the stick against something (or someone) other than the puck, playing or stopping the puck with something other than the stick, and "blocking" (interposing one's self between a teammate who possesses the puck and an opponent; one is allowed to play the puck but not merely block opponents with one's body). If the penalty is minor, referees award an advantage puck: the team that committed the foul is pushed back 3 metres (9.8 ft) from the puck, while the other team gets free possession. For major penalties such as a dangerous pass (e.g. striking an opponent's head) or intentional or repeated fouls, the referees may eject players for a specified period of time or for the remainder of the game, or even - in the case of very serious or deliberate fouls - for the remainder of a tournament. A defender committing a serious foul sufficiently close to his own goal may be penalised by the award of a penalty shot or even a penalty goal awarded to the fouled player's team.

Often players who are most successful in this game are strong swimmers, have a great ability to hold and recover their breath, and are able to produce great speed underwater while demonstrating learned skills in puck control. It is also important that they are able to work well with their team members and take full advantage of their individual skills.

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What is special about the game of Sudoku – The Clean One?

Sudoku - The Clean One offers a clean and minimal interface with five different visual themes for your games; you can even change themes during gameplay. Its five difficulty levels are increasingly challenging to help you hone your skills and gradually improve as you play. Its validation feature checks your mistakes while a personal leaderboard keeps track of how fast you can finish a game. Not able to finish a game? Leave the app and it saves your progress for later. The app also offers you the option of playing offline without the need for an internet connection. Free for iOS and Android.

Sudoku - The Clean One is, without a doubt, one of the best Sudoku apps available on Android. It offers an elegant and attractive design, multiple game modes and the possibility to play offline. What more could you possible want?

The gameplay in Sudoku - The Clean One is exactly as you'd expect from any sudoku game. You have to enter numbers in the blank squares in until the entire board is filled. It's a relatively easy-to-learn gameplay, but very difficult to master (especially in the higher-difficulty levels).

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Which are the strange video games?

There are hundreds of video games out there, but some game concepts are so wacky and out-of-the-box that they deserve to be talked about. This month, we'll look at a few such splendid oddballs!

Petrifying pet

You wanted a game involving a virtual pet and Seaman promised to give you one. What you got was a fish but with a human face and mannerisms. Much like with other virtual pets like Tamagotchi, the player needs to feed and care for the virtual pet to prevent it from dying. Despite being the pet's caretaker, you're still subjected to not-so-friendly remarks now and then. You are expected to care for it until it turns into a frog-like creature that can then be released into the wild what a relief!

A tedious bus ride

You've probably wished for video games to match real life, but Desert Bus takes it way too seriously. A journey from Tucson in Arizona to Las Vegas in Nevada takes 8 hours. Imagine playing this game for 8 hours, driving a bus through the entire insignificant road, no passengers to interact with and the threat of getting towed back to the start point! And controlling the bus non-stop for eight straight hours earns you hold your breath - 1 point!

Wild and zany

The game Katamari Damacy is a masterpiece from Japanese game developers and translates to "Clump Spirit". What's it all about? Turns out that the King of All Cosmos destroyed the moon and stars and it's up to the Prince, his son, to put 'em all back. How? Easy! By rolling a magic sticky ball to collect all kinds of materials. Once the sticky pile is large enough, it qualifies to become a star! Odd as it is, this game has been hailed as one of the greatest video games of all time.

Game or interactive fiction?

Everything is a game that stands true to its name - it involves, well, everything. This game comes from the artist who also created the game Mountain - which involved being a mountain - so you know that this game is going to be quite something! Players can fulfill their wishes of being a tree, grass, little pig exploring a grassland and best of all, you get little biographies of the things you turn into, thus learning while playing. It's like being a character in a fantasy fiction than anything else.

A clown and some hugs

As long as you don't have coulrophobia (fear of clowns), Dropsy might appeal to you. The game starts off on a sombre note with Dropsy's circus tent burning down, but Dropsy's quest is one of happiness as he seeks to hug people provided he can help them by solving puzzles even though no verbal communication is involved. Just don't let his terrifying face give you nightmares.

A pest's life

As someone who's been bitten by mosquitoes, it's only natural that you'll wish to know what it takes to be a mosquito. Luckily, Mister Mosquito is a game to fulfill your wishes. Much like a squirrel storing acorns for winter, in this game, the titular hero, Mister Mosquito, needs to store up enough blood to last through the winter. And so, the player has to suck blood from different people in a house without being noticed and swatted. As a bonus, each room has items that can offer benefits! All in all, it promises to be fun.

Eat or be eaten

Cubivore will appeal to anyone interested in grabbing the top spot in the food chain as the apex predator. In this natural selection game involving consuming other animals, you will grow fitter and fitter in an evolutionary point of view until you are powerful enough to challenge the tyrant alpha creature and topple it to grab its sp. This game would have surely made Charles Darwi proud!

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