I am interested in making my career in the IT industry

I am currently studying in Std XI (Commerce). I am interested in making my career in the IT industry and recently found out that Commerce students who have taken maths can go for B.Sc. (IT). But my parents want me to do CA as it has a promising future. What should I do? Also, one of my friends said that if I do M.Tech. or M.S. (abroad), it can lead to a bright future. Is it true? What are the recommended colleges for doing M.S. and what are their admission procedures?

IT and Chartered Accountancy (CA) are two different fields. First find out which subject you like more: accounts/commerce or computers. It takes about 5 years to complete the CA course, then there are good opportunities available. On the other hand, it is easy to enter into 3-year B.Sc. (IT), but job opportunities are not that good. You will need additional qualifications. For a Master's in some other country, you will require good score in eligibility exam of that country.

Nowhere is the path easy. But understand that if you're interested in a field, you'll willingly work hard and spend more time studying, leading to brighter future.

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