I want to be a doctor

I am a student of class 11 (PCS). I want to be a doctor. In which line of medicine is there scope nowadays?

Market demands keep on fluctuating and in my opinion, should not form the basis of selecting your branch. Many doctors are doing well in branches like pathology, anatomy and microbiology which are not very much sought after in India, and at the same time there are people in so-called “popular branches” and still struggling with the practice. So it is all hype; the ground realities are different...and one must choose a branch keeping in mind family background, place of practice and the lifestyle one wants to lead. Any branch where you have skill and knowledge with aptitude will have scope for you.


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I love Chemistry but I don’t know which courses I should do for a research programme in Chemistry

I am studying in Std X. I love Chemistry but I don’t know which courses I should do for a research programme in Chemistry. Besides this I have another problem; I always feel that I should become a doctor which is our hereditary occupation. My parents always say: “We have such a big hospital for you, if you don’t become a doctor what will happen?” What should I do?

In order to do research, a Ph.D. is generally needed. For that, first complete 10+2, then go for B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry followed by M.Sc. M.Phil. and then Ph.D., a minimum of 10-12 years of more study.

If you enter into medicine, you still have to study for 9-10 years. Your parents wish for your happiness. After completing your studies in medicine, you need not go out and look for a job, rather join them and help in running the hospital. You still have two more years to decide whether to go for medicine or specialized study in Chemistry.


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I want to become a doctor.

I am a student of Std XI (PCB). I want to become a doctor. In which line of medicine is there scope? Is there scope as a radiologist? If not, then which field should I do?

The medicine sector offers the widest range of opportunities for well-qualified individuals. MBBS is an extremely dynamic field in the medicine sector. You should not worry about employment in any of the fields in medicine, but the nature of the work and satisfaction differs. Go for something you like for lifetime as we have no retirement in medicine.

The career and job opportunities in the field of radiography are very extensive. The demand for radiographers has increased recently with the development in technologies in medical science creating a new and wide scope in radiology.


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