What to say for losing a loved one?

Have you ever had a pet that died? It hurts. It does not hurt like when you fall and scrape your knee. It is a different kind of pain. It makes you feel sad.

The death of your pet means that you will never see it again. Sometimes people die, too - people you love. This means that you will never see them again in this world. It hurts a lot.

When someone’s friend or relative dies, it is very painful. They miss that person. They feel lonely, strange, and sad. They may become quiet and want to be left alone. They want to think about the person who has died. They may feel angry that the person has left them. The sadness or anger after someone has died is called grieving. People who grieve are trying to understand and accept the death of someone they love.

Grieving takes time. Many people feel they will always miss the person who has died. But after a while, people begin to remember their loved ones with happiness. They remember good times they shared.

Pets and people never leave you completely. They live on in your memories. In this way, they are part of you forever.

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How do children learn right or wrong?

How do you know what is right?

How do you know what is wrong?

These are not easy questions to answer. However, looking for the answers to such questions can help you know yourself and the world around you. You will not find all the answers right away, but you will find the beginnings of the answers. Your understanding will grow as you grow.

You were not born knowing right from wrong. You learn this as you grow. You learn by talking and listening to people you can trust. You learn by watching and copying what the people around you say and do.

As you learn right from wrong, you will make mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes. You can learn from mistakes. You can change how you do things because of your experiences.

There is a feeling inside you that helps you decide what to do. Sometimes it is called an “inner voice” or “gut feeling”. Sometimes it tells you when something feels right. Other time it might say “oops!” Then you know something may not be right. Your inner voice can help guide you in everything you do.

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Why do we differ from everyone else?

Think of people you know and see every day. They are all different. They look different from you, and some believe in different things. Some people probably cannot do all the things that you can do. Others can do things you cannot do.

No one in the world looks exactly like you, and no one can do exactly the same things. You might be great at maths, while your friend struggles with it. Your friend might be a good tennis player, while you cannot hit a tennis ball. What’s nice is that the two of you can help each other.

Nobody is good at everything, but everybody is good at something – even someone who has a body part that does not work properly. Moving around easily or seeing and hearing clearly are only some of the things that people can do. A person who cannot do these things is still able to do many other things.

When you think about something you cannot do, remember that it is only one part of you. There are other things you can do. All these things help make you a special person.

What special things can each person in your family do? Draw a picture of each family member. Below each picture, list a few of that person‘s skills or talents.

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Who are friends?

Who shares your secrets? Who is the first to know when something good or bad happens to you? Your friends, that’s who!

Many people have a best friend. You might have a lot of other friends, too. Friends are people you feel safe with. You can trust your friends.

Sometimes your friends make you angry. But usually you do not stay angry for long. You know that your friends do not mean to hurt you.

Think of all the things you like about your friends. All your friends have something special about them that you like. You might like one friend because he is fun to be with or because she is a good listener.

Remember that you are friend too. You need to be a friend to have a friend. Friends treat others just as they want to be treated. Always be the friend you would like to have.

What is the best way to make friends?

You can make friends by:

  • smiling and being nice,
  • sharing a toy or game,
  • telling a funny story,
  • helping someone,
  • listening to people without interrupting,
  • asking polite questions to get to know people,
  • saying nice things to make a person feel good,
  • joining a group activity.     

What does it mean to be a good friend? You are a good friend if you:

  • are fun to be with,
  • share things,
  • make your friends feel good,
  • care about how your friends feel,
  • enjoy doing some of the same things as your friends do,
  • accept your friends for who they are.

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How do we know nobody has the same fingerprints?

Press your finger on a window or a mirror. Can you see your fingerprint? No one in the world has fingerprints exactly like yours. Your footprints are different from everyone else’s, too.

Take a close look at your fingerprints. See the many tiny lines going this way and that way? These lines form designs with loops, waves, and circles. Each finger has a different design. You have 10 fingers and 10 different fingerprints.

When you were born, the doctors probably made a copy of your footprint. Newborn babies in hospitals look a lot alike, but all their footprints are different. The millions of children in the world have millions of fingerprints and footprints. Now you know, though, that the marks made by your fingers and your feet are yours alone.

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