What are meaning, origin and usage of the word extradition?



Extradition is the official surrender of alleged offender or fugitive by a state (government/country) to the state where the alleged offence was committed.


The word comes from 19th Century French 'extradition which in turn came from Latin ‘ex’ meaning ‘out’ + ‘traditionem’ meaning 'delivering or handing over’.


India has requested the UK for the extradition of the businessman who faces charges of fraud and money laundering.

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What are meaning, origin and usage of the word kerb?


The word kerb corresponds to the edge of a raised path nearest to the road and which also separates it from the road.


The word, which has been around since the 1660s, is a spelling variant of curb that has turned out to become the preferred British English spelling for certain specialised senses, like "edging of stone or pavement"


The word has grown in usage over the past two centuries and even though there was a dip late in the last century, it has again risen to match its previous bests.


Providing ramped kerbs at crossing places makes it easier for those with wheelchairs and prams.

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What are meaning, origin and usage of the word inequity?


This noun means injustice, unfairness. It refers to a lack of equality and is often used in social, economic and educational contexts.


The term inequity is formed from the Latin prefixin- meaning "not" + English equity meaning equal. A similar word "iniquity" means "sin, wickedness", involving a strong moral component. Iniquity is the older word to enter English from Old French iniquite which in turn came from Latin iniquitas (in meaning "not" + aequus meaning "just, level or equal"). And inequity was constructed much later. Though the words "inequity" and "iniquity" are etymologically related to the Latin word for equal, they have different meanings and associations. Today, "inequity" is more frequently used than "iniquity."


COVID-19 highlights inequity in education. An inequity in salaries exists in many organisations. Activity: Use the word in a sentence of your own.

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What are meaning, origin and usage of the word mottled?


This adjective refers to something being marked with shapes of different colours without a regular pattern.


The word mottled originated in the 18th Century, and is presumed to be a back-formation of the word motley, which has a similar meaning -varied in appearance, and made up of many colour. Back-formation is a word that is created from a word that already exists.


The drying leaves of the plant were mottled and looked beautiful.

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