What are the other requirements and NATA cut-off marks for securing admission?

I have just completed my Std XII examinations (HSC board) with PCM as the main subjects. I also appeared for the National Aptitude Test for Architecture (NATA) and secured 108/200. Is this score good enough to get into JJ College of Architecture? What are the other requirements and NATA cut-off marks for securing admission? What other institutions are good for studying architecture? What is the scope of architecture in India? Is B. Tech. a better option than B.Arch.?

Sir J. J. School of Architecture, Mumbai, is considered one of the foremost institutions of architecture in India. Therefore you need good score in NATA to get into this institute. Marks in 10+2 exam is also given due weightage for admission.

Other notable institutes are School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT); Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh; National Institutes of Technology all over India; School of Architecture, Centre of Environment Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad.

Opportunities in this field are highly dependent on the level of local construction. Big cities are developing very fast, and construction of commercial as well residential buildings are going on. Even renovation of old buildings is on the rise. This trend is especially good for architects, as it provides many job opportunities.

B.Tech. is totally based on technology, on the other hand, B.Arch. focuses on designing part of architecture along with technology. To become a good architect you must be a good designer.

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I want to know about marine engineering and the merchant navy

I am an aspiring engineer and will be giving all the standard engineering entrance exams this year. I want to know about marine engineering and the merchant navy, the best colleges in India (including IITs) offering courses for this and the scope for girls in this field.

T. S. Chanakya, Navi Mumbai offers B.Sc. in Nautical Science while Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata offers a marine engineering course. Admission is open to unmarried Indian citizens (both male and female), who have completed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Selection is through a Joint Entrance Examination conducted by IITs, i.e. IITJEE. After qualifying in the written examination, candidates are called for an interview and medical test.

To join T.S. Chanakya, normal vision of 6/6 in each eye, separately, is essential and glasses are not allowed. For MERI, glasses may be worn but eyesight in each eye beyond 2.5 is not allowed.

Marine Engineering courses are offered by many other institutes all over India. These include Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune; Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training, Pune; Academy of Maritime Education & Training, Chennai; International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida; R. L. Institute of Nautical Science, Madurai and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur for Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Engineers find employment with the Merchant Navy, the Indian Navy, dockyards as well as companies engaged in shipbuilding. They can also take up employment with firms offering design and research activities, Indian and foreign shipping companies, and also with the harbour and port departments.

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I want to pursue a career as a psychiatrist as well as in an NGO

I'm in Std X. I want to pursue a career as a psychiatrist as well as in an NGO. What combination should I take in Std XI and how do I continue my studies after 12th? What are the good colleges in India (especially in Bangalore) and abroad? What courses and exams should I take up? Which field of psychiatry should I choose as I'm interested in both Addiction Psychiatry and Adolescent and Child Psychiatry? Which field has more scope?

To become a psychiatrist, first take Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 10+2. Then appear for entrance exams like NEET for admission into MBBS. After completing MBBS, go for a post-graduate course (MD) in psychiatry or a Diploma in Psychiatry (DPM). DM (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) is available at National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore

Apart from academic qualifications, this is one of those fields where your personal skills decide your success. You should be patient, a good listener and be able to understand people. Good communication skills are also essential in becoming a good psychiatrist.

Psychiatry offers a wide range of job opportunities within its subspecialties. The demand for psychiatrists is increasing with increasing mental tension and stress arising from modern lifestyles.

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I want to join the air force as a pilot

I want to join the air force as a pilot. I am presently studying in Std XI Commerce (I.P.). Can I join the air force with this stream or with commerce (maths)? If not then what subject should I take and what are the exams conducted to join the air force after Std XII?

There are two entry points to becoming a pilot in the Indian air Force, through NDA or CDSE, but for both you must have Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level.

Selection to the National Defence Academy (NDA) is through an entrance test. After selection, candidates go through a rigorous three-year training regimen followed by specialised training at one of the Air Force Training Establishments. On successful completion, they are commissioned as Permanent Commission Officers and posted as pilots at any of the Air Force Stations.

Otherwise, after completing your graduation (B.Sc. or B.E.), you can appear for the Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE) and join the Air Force Academy.

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I am keen to pursue travel journalism

I am in Std X. I am keen to pursue travel journalism but I'm not sure how to go about it. I want to study it in a foreign university and I would also like to know if it is a bright career option.

Becoming a travel journalist can be a fun, exciting, and rewarding career! But it is hard work and the pay isn't always great either. Forget fantasies of being sent around the world on an assignment with a huge commission, all expenses paid, and having endless days lolling on the beach or people watching in cafes! Very few publications pay freelancers' travel expenses (and getting a full-time writing or editing job with a major travel publication is just not going to happen until you have years of experience, and even then, chances are slim). You will start small.

There is no course available in India specifically for travel journalism. You should do graduation in journalism and then look for jobs in the travel sector/journals. You may consider an online course specifically for travel journalism (as well as travel photography) such as MatadorU which can open the right doors.

Another option is to do a professional writing course (instead of journalism) and look for writing jobs. Start writing for travel magazines or for newspapers covering travel news.

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Both of them are always together

I'm 13 years old. I have a friend who earlier was my best friend. She used to share all her things with me. We always used to be with each other. Even in class we used to sit together. One day our class teacher changed our places and made me sit with a girl who wasn't in our group. But my friend was made to sit with a girl who was in our group but was and is very rude. My friend and I used to dislike her. But slowly they both became friends and then best friends. Now my friend is always with her. She says that her partner is her best friend. I think that girl has snatched my best friend. Why has my friend done this to me?

At the age of 13 friends come and go, as you are learning how to handle relationships and emotions. People who were thought to be "rude" and not "good friends" may turn out to be good and loving. That is what probably your best friend has learnt by sitting with another girl and sharing with her. Now they have become best friends and you feel jealous about it, thinking that that girl has snatched your best friend. Change your attitude, stop being jealous and try to come close to them and understand what is beautiful in their relationship. Open yourself to relationships with different people without limiting yourself to exclusive "best friends".

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I really want to change

I am a third year B.E. student. I have many bad habits including robbing money, lying, cheating people, etc. I really want to change. My parents are fed up of me; they have taken me to counselling centres but still there's no change in me. What can I do? Please guide me, I really want to change!

You admit to having "many bad habits" and that you "really want to change". If this is true, you have already made a start in the process of changing your life. What you need now is a clear understanding of the possible consequences of your actions: committing crimes that can take you to jail and bring shame to you and your family.. Your parents took you to counselling centres without positive results. If you believe in God you should also turn to Him for help and guidance. Talk to some religious leader in your community and spend some time in prayer and meditation. Seek the friendship of good and honest people in order to learn how to be a responsible member of society.

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Should I forget him?

I confessed to my crush that I liked him, and he said he liked me too. We were together for one month. But at the beginning of this year he met another girl and now he is her boyfriend. We both talk but I just can't forget him; it's just so annoying! Should I try to get him back or should I forget him?

The relationship you had with that boy is just a "crush", a sudden emotional attraction which is called infatuation. The proof is that as soon as he got infatuated with another girl he became her boyfriend. After some time he may do the same with other girls. At your tender age it is better to enjoy simple friendships rather than pretending to build permanent relationships for which you are not yet ready. Be aware that you too may get infatuated with some other boy!

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His silence breaks my heart

There's a guy who lives near my house whom I really love a lot. We were friends since class 6 and gradually after class 9 it turned into a sweet relationship. There was an intense love between us. We were in a relationship for a year. Now I am in class 10. Three months back I fought with him because he spoke about our relationship to my brother. I didn't even talk to him. After a few days I messaged and even called him but he didn't reply. I kept messaging him but he didn't give any response. His silence just breaks my heart. I can't get him out of my mind and I am not able to stop crying. When I see him he just ignores me like anything. I cannot guess the reason for this behaviour. But there's still hope in my heart that one day he will come back to me. What should I do?

What you call "a sweet relationship" and "intense love" between you and that boy seems to have collapsed at the first disagreement between the two of you. Instead of talking respectfully to him, trying to understand his motivation in talking to your brother about your relationship, you fought with him and stopped talking to him. He retaliated in the same way by stopping talking to you or responding to your messages. This situation proves that both of you, at your age, are not yet ready for a true love relationship, which is built on mutual trust and respect. What you have to do now is to learn from your mistakes and become more patient, kind and respectful in dealing with your friend. Whether he will come back to you or not will depend on his maturity in understanding that true love is also built on mutual forgiveness.

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What exactly is CLAT?

I'm a student of Std XI (Commerce with Maths). I am interested in Economics (Hons.). I want to know more about the career options in commerce. What exactly is CLAT? What is the future in CLAT? Is MBA an option even if I do B.Com? Would that be a good option or not?

After 10+2, you can go for courses in Chartered Accountancy/Cost Accountancy/Company Secretaryship. These all are courses done through postal coaching system. Admission is through competitive exams. Or you can do B.Com./ BBA. MBA is a 2-year degree course for which eligibility is graduation in any stream, even B.Com.

Apart from the careers mentioned above, you can also get into streams like advertising, marketing, banking, law and business consulting among many others. It's just a matter of knowing your interests.

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an all-India entrance examination conducted for admissions to under graduate and post-graduate degree programmes (LL.B & LL.M.) in fourteen National Law Universities. Eligibility for an undergraduate course is 10+2.

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I am really interested in audio engineering

I recently appeared for my ICSE board exams. I am really interested in audio engineering. Please give me an idea about this field and the career options available.

Audio Engineering deals with the basic principles of sound and voices. It is a very vast and interesting field as it deals with the music, movies and theatre. An audio engineer uses machinery and equipment to record, synchronize, mix or reproduce music, voices or sound effects. Also known as recording engineers or sound engineers, audio engineers are employed in the field of films, video production, sound broadcasting and advertising. A challenging career, it has huge potential for growth in entertainment industry.

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I want to become a cardiologist

I am in Std IX and want to become a cardiologist. What subjects should I opt for in Std XI? After giving PMT what procedure do I have to follow to become a proper cardiologist? How many years would it take?

Becoming a cardiologist requires 5-6 years of training beyond an MBBS degree. First, clear 10+2 examination with Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Then appear in a competitive exam to get admission into M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). This is a 5½ year course which includes one-year internship period as well.

After that you can go for M.D. in General Medicine followed by D.M. in Cardiology, which is a super specialization. You can practise cardiology after your M.D., but to have a really successful career, you must do the D.M. If interested in surgery, you can first do a M.S. in General Surgery after your M.B.B.S. and then M.Ch. in Cardio-thoracic surgery or Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery.

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What is the scope of a degree in functional English?

I am interested in doing a degree in English. What is the scope of a degree in functional English and what are the career opportunities available?

While the traditional careers for English majors are teaching, editing, and writing, it is also possible to go into other fields. Along with graduation in English, you can take up some short-term course in media (print or electronic), publishing, business management, social work, library service, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, marketing, tourism, etc.

Publishing is an area that is coming up fast, and those with a literary bent of mind should definitely consider it. Those with strong professional training in interpretation and communication are needed in "information handling" fields such as journalism. Translation is yet another area, especially if you're familiar with other languages besides English. Due to their improved skills, even advertising and PR agencies find them more suitable for their work.

Creative writing and even technical writing is yet 5 another option. A career in technical writing does not require a scientific or engineering background, but it does require an excellent command of the English language: and the ability to write logically, clearly and accurately. Your research and reporting skills must also be sharp, because you must gather all the facts and concepts for your writing from the engineers, systems analysts, and programmers who develop and design the technology Once you have gleaned the information, your job is to present it to the lay person in an accurate and highly readable manner, so the ability to grasp technical concepts and explain them in easy-to-understand terms is essential.

Those with a good command over the language, particularly in spoken English and basic computer skills can also look at openings in leading call centres. Starting out as a call centre executive you can move up the ladder to the position of team leader and business development manager if you have what it takes.

With a higher degree in English, a student has a better grasp of the language, perception, sensitivity and control over writing skills. Besides entering into college and university level teaching, many post-graduates venture into training industry personnel on communication strategies.

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I am interested in doing animation and web designing

I am in Std XII right now and I am preparing for my board exams in March. I have opted for non-medical stream and I am interested in doing animation and web designing. Does this line have any value today?

To become an animator, it is necessary to have a formal training in Fine Arts/Applied Art/ Commercial Art/Graphic Design/Animation Design/Visual Communication Design. Many institutes and polytechnics all over the country offer these courses. While polytechnics offer such courses to 10th pass students, other institutes may require students to clear 10+2 first.

A strong portfolio (a collection of the artist's best work) is the best way to enter the profession. Knowledge of computer packages like PageMaker, CorelDraw, PhotoShop, is a requirement for all animators today.

This is a field that changes constantly as it evolves. Digital editing, digitized effects and the latest computer advances make new, ever more amazing things possible. The growth rates and opportunities in this sector are tremendous, but competition is keen as many are attracted to this work for the associated glamour and excitement.

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I am interested in psychology as well as sociology

I am in Std XII (Humanities). I am very confused about my career choice. I am interested in psychology as well as sociology and I am not able to decide which subject to take up after 12. I am into psychological stuff but at the same time I want to do social work and make a difference in society. Please guide me in choosing the best career.

To work in the field of social work, it is not compulsory to have a degree in social work. Undergraduates in psychology and sociology can also apply. But, a Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) is generally necessary for positions in health and mental health settings, public sectors and administrative positions. MSW is of two-year duration and requires some field-work.

Entry into an MSW programme does not necessarily require a Bachelor's in Social Work, but courses in Psychology, Biology, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, and History may also be considered. Usually a written test is conducted for admission to these courses.

If you are interested in psychology and social work both, you can go for graduation in Psychology and later specialize in the field of Social Psychology and Counselling Psychology.

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