We were best buddies

I had a very good friend who was a girl and my classmate. We spent a lot time together and were best buddies like forever. But after a few months of our friendship, my other friends thought I was in a relationship with her. This went on for many days and even today they all tease me about this. Now she doesn't talk to me because of these untrue issues that my friends have created. What should I do?

Teenagers sometimes fail to believe that a boy and a girl can be good friends, without being in a 'love' relationship. They can be cruel and keep teasing about this matter. As you know that nothing is going on between you and that girl, you should ignore their words; they will get bored of taunting someone who does not care. That girl too feels embarrassed because of this situation and doesn't talk to you. If possible, tell her how you feel about this matter and not to be afraid of continuing a good friendship.

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Should I keep ignoring him?

It was love at first sight for me two years ago when I saw him. I never told him anything. Somehow we became friends and started spending time together. Five months ago he proposed to me; it was like a dream come true. I accepted, but after three months we broke up due to some complications which was not easy for me. Now I don't know how to react when around him so I ignore him which is not easy for me. He called me and asked why I was ignoring him. I didn't answer; but he again proposed to me and I rejected the call. I know he loves me but I'm confused. Should I give him a chance again or should I keep ignoring him? I'm sad, depressed; please help me.

Two years ago you got infatuated with a boy but kept it to yourself and spent time with him as a friend. Five months ago he proposed to you, which you accepted, but after three months both of you decided to break up due to some complications. Both of you seem to be confused about how to handle a love relationship. Now you have decided to ignore him and rejected his call to restart the relationship. You feel hurt, sad and depressed. If he was responsible for breaking up the relationship you should forgive him if you really love him. Forgiveness is a sign of true love. If, on the contrary, you were responsible, apologize and restart the relationship, as you know he loves you.

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I can't get him out of my thoughts

I really like a guy in my class but unfortunately he likes someone else. After gathering courage for 6 months, I confessed it to him. He said that he appreciates my love for him and politely refused. We were good friends and he accepted to continue our friendship. But even now I can't get him out of my thoughts and whenever he notices this he changes the topic. I am really confused. Please help me.

You have to learn to respect other people's feelings. You "really like a guy" in your class, and slowly, "after gathering courage for 6 months", you confessed it to him. He politely told you that he "appreciates your love" but he likes someone else. If that is the truth, you have to respect his decision and be happy to continue a good friendship with him, as he has accepted to do. A love relationship is built on the mutual decision of two persons to enter into such commitment; no one can force oneself on another. Love is free.

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Suddenly she fought with me

My friend and I met two years ago and became best friends. Other friends of mine didn't like her because of her attitude being a school leader. Some months ago, there were four days left for the board exams. Suddenly she fought with me and abused me in front of everyone, I couldn't control myself. I wrote something bad about her on a social networking site. I didn't mean to do it. I regret that. I'm trying to get her back into my life for the past six months but she's not ready to forgive me. She's my best and most precious friend; I need her back in my life. But how should I get her back?

If your best friend, who is also a school leader, suddenly fought with you and abused you in front of everyone there must have been some serious reason. If you have done something seriously wrong you should have accepted the correction, though it was wrong from her side to do so in public. The fact that, even now, after all that has happened, you still consider her your "best and most precious friend" and that you need her back in your life seem to prove that you have realized your mistake. If you want to try to get her back, acknowledge your mistake of writing something bad about her on a social networking site and apologize publicly on the same networking site.

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He talks rubbish behind my back

I like a boy since a year, he is one year younger than me and we both study in the same tuition class. He knows that I like him. He asked me on Facebook whether I like him or not, but I ignored him as I didn't want to tell him that I like him. He has told this to all his friends at school, tuition and his cousins, too. Whenever I see his friends they keep staring at me. I know that he is kind of a playboy. I even made a fake Facebook account to chat with him and found out that he is not a good guy. I came to know that he talks rubbish behind my back but is nice in front of me. Above all my dad and his dad are great friends. I want to forget him as these are my crucial years. My friends also keep telling me the same thing but I can't stop thinking about him. Please help me.

If you like to play with fire, you will end up getting burnt. Though you know that boy (who is only 15) "is kind of a playboy", that "he is not a good guy" and even that "he talks rubbish" behind your back, you can't stop thinking about him. Don't you have a sense of dignity and self-respect? Come out of your dreams and realize you are just caught up in an infatuation! He already got out of it; you do the same at the earliest.

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